Since before the company's inception in 2006, the founders of mohment were designing and creating cutting-edge multi-dimensional architectural experiences for clients around the globe. The company's creative vision, artistic expression and problem-solving capabilities are the foundation for its success in designing distinctive environments that communicate a unique point of view. 

Our mission is to help our clients turn their dreams into reality. In collaboration with some of the most dynamic designers, developers, and architects working today, we are pushing the limits of what is expected. We work in tandem with our clients to create a partnership that encourage open communication and understanding. It is this group dynamic that allows the vision to be realized. We meet and exceed expectations while completing our projects on time and on budget. Mohment has the talent and resources to bring your vision to life. 

Our commitment is to sustainability, the ability to create designs that will stand the test of time. It is our primary goal to create buildings that integrate design with sustainability so that they have a positive effect on the environment. our professional staff is LEED accredited and passionate about creating environmentally conscious designs that stand out in the sea of green-washed construction. We believe we have a responsibility to modern society and to future generations. 

Our passion is design. Our medium is 3d. Our firm is a seamless architectural design boutique and media lab that creates photo-realistic three dimensional images and animations. this format allows us to better engage the client in the design process with no limitations or boundaries. The uninhibited 3d environment allows us to manipulate and conquer designs that others shy away from. We are dedicated to the design process through this medium of the unrestrained and unlimited. 

From corporate + commercial + civic to healthcare, cultural, hospitality, residential and higher education, mohment creates noteworthy, environmentally responsible, and innovative buildings,environments and communities.



Ben Chamness

They were great. Listened to what we wanted and then came up with a design that incorporated our ideas. Very professional and knowledgeable. Helped us to improve on our ideas and come up with a design that was better than we had originally thought up.

Barbara Miskin

Jason was a pleasure to work with. He understood our design preferences, the style we were looking for, and created our dream home in a timely manner. He stayed with the project all the way from beginning to completion, and we still enjoy seeing him from time to time stop by for updates. We highly recommend him for any project you are considering.

Matthew Murrey Design

If you are looking for creativity, innovation, and thoughtfulness then Jason and his team are exactly what you need. I worked closely with Jason on a large residence in Plano, which had a multitude of site challenges. His design of the home interacted perfectly with the site and he had an amazing vision for the residence, not only architecturally, but also by incorporating important connections between the interior and exterior spaces.


We worked with Jason Kongabel on preliminary designs for a home we were considering building. Jason is extremely talented & very easy to work with. He listens to a clients' desires & tries very hard to bring them to life. I would highly recommend him as a consummate professional.


Mohment gives you what you asked for…and the things that you didn’t even think to ask for!

You get what you pay for. Period.

This was our first time engaging an architect for such a large project. After getting three competitive bids (and dealing with sticker shock), we were talked into our *former* General Contractors’ “guy” – because he could do the job for less than half the cost of what we were quoted.

A fired GC, a fired architect, a fired engineer, a lot of blown money, no usable ideas, and several months of wasted time later, we ultimately came back to Mohment. Frustrated with the process, discouraged with the results from the “cheap” architect, Mohment was a breath of fresh air. Jason and his team are amazing. They possess a unique mix of professionalism, knowledge, patience, and most importantly amazing ideas & input – all with consideration for your budget & goals!

While the initial price of a quality architect may be a surprise to most (it certainly was to us), you absolutely get what you pay for. There’s a reason good architects are hard to find – it takes a unique group to have the right mix of talent and business savvy to understanding your reality, while blowing you away with amazing results. (Side note – get the 3D renderings)

The finished design? We couldn’t be happier. Mohment made the process fun again. Jason and team took the time to sit down with us, understand our goals and design preferences, and just nailed it!

Anyone considering Mohment – call us (Jason has our number). We’d be more than happy to share our story with you.

- The Smiths (Yes, that is our real last name)


Very talented!
Very innovative!
Great design!
Great team player!
Uses technology to create amazing renderings that assist in visualizing design solutions!
Always exceeded expectations on a variety of different projects!
The experience was positive, fun and rewarding!


I had an irregular shaped lot but mohment was able to maximize the space with a beautifully planned house. he's been great to work with and is very personable. I would recommend him to any of my friends.


Excellent job by Mohment Architects.

House has an exceptional aesthetic that emphasizes a modern design with a well thought out floor plan. Mohment was able to work with the natural geography of the lot in order to maximize views and privacy. Mohment was also able to incorporate smart construction techniques and materials that allow the house to be exceptionally energy efficient.

Construction administration was well done overall. The only true issue I had is that the architects are really nice, even when I needed them to motivate the general contractor! Sometimes, I wanted them to be more forceful.

Overall, this has been a positive experience. I highly recommend Mohment Architects.

Jennifer Fordham

I have worked with Jason Kongabel as the kitchen designer on two projects over the past 3 years. Not only is Jason a superb designer but he is very professional and easy to work with. He creates spaces that are clean, modern, open yet are still very comfortable. I highly recommend using Mohment for your next project.


We have utilized Mohment's architectural and media service for several of our design projects. Their work is consistently of the highest quality and delivered within project timelines. Their attention to detail when providing media services is one of the best in the industry.